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Welcome to Eno River Orthodontics

Our mission at Eno River Orthodontics is to share our time and talents through hard work and cutting edge technology to enhance the smiles of those around us. We promise to create a fun and inspiring atmosphere focused on integrity, accountability, loyalty, generosity, and simplicity.

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Meet Dr. Hart & the rest of the team

Dr. Tyler Hart, DDS

Dr. Tyler Hart was raised in the mountains of Utah and received a BS in microbiology from Brigham Young University. He received his dental degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA where he met his wife, Jana. He then practiced general dentistry in Texas for two years. He continued his education in Upstate New York with a two-year fellowship in Orofacial Pain and Temporomandibular Disorders at the University of Rochester. He stayed in Rochester for an additional two-year residency in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics and now is thankful to be a part of the community here in Durham. He is married with four adorable and rambunctious children, Faelyn, Lexi, Ellery, and Tate. He loves running, cycling, being outside camping and hiking with his family, and volunteering at church. Three things that some people may not know about him are he can play the William Tell Overture on his buccinator muscles, he was once vaccinated against Anthrax, and he won silverware and a trip to Portugal on The Price is Right. Come On Down!
Roxboro Orthodontics, Roxboro Orthodontist, Durham Braces, Durham Invisalign, Durham Orthodontics

Meet the Team

We have an extremely fun, super friendly, and fantastically trained team! Click to learn more

Your First Visit

We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to Eno River Orthodontics! Our team is committed to making your treatment as simple and enjoyable as possible, in a fun and inspiring environment.

During your first visit, you’ll get acquainted with the process and procedures for braces; we’ll discuss your customized treatment options in detail, estimated treatment length, and the associated costs. The initial consultation is on us!

If Dr. Hart indicates treatment, we’ll begin by taking diagnostic records including pictures and X-rays. These diagnostic pictures will be referenced throughout your treatment and used to monitor progress.

Finance & Insurance

Roxboro Orthodontics, Roxboro Orthodontist, Durham Braces, Durham Invisalign, Durham Orthodontics

At Eno River Orthodontics, we make No Interest and Extended Payment Plans easily available. OrthoFi has revolutionized the payment process and provides all of the following and more:

Build Your Own Plan
Eno River Orthodontics allows you to customize your own payment terms.

Peace of Mind
Have the comfort of knowing your plan matches your unique financial situation.

No More Headaches
Our simple financing options make things less confusing.


Our Patients

We pride ourselves in happy patients with great smiles! Click on some of our recent recruits to see the bigger picture.

Roxboro Orthodontics, Roxboro Orthodontist, Durham Braces, Durham Invisalign, Durham Orthodontics
Roxboro Orthodontics, Roxboro Orthodontist, Durham Braces, Durham Invisalign, Durham Orthodontics
Roxboro Orthodontics, Roxboro Orthodontist, Durham Braces, Durham Invisalign, Durham Orthodontics
Roxboro Orthodontics, Roxboro Orthodontist, Durham Braces, Durham Invisalign, Durham Orthodontics
Roxboro Orthodontics, Roxboro Orthodontist, Durham Braces, Durham Invisalign, Durham Orthodontics

What our patients think about us…

  • I had a permanent retainer in my mouth for the last ten years which broke suddenly. It was literally poking me in the mouth. I made an appointment at Eno River Orthodontics for about a week later to get it fixed. The next day they called me back to get a sooner appointment because Dr. Hart was concerned I might be uncomfortable with the thing poking me in the mouth – which I was! So they were able to squeeze me in a couple days later to remove it, which I was so grateful for! All the staff I dealt with were extremely kind and made me feel right at home. It’s a very lovely office as well- newly renovated so it’s a pleasure to go there, although, I never got to spend much time admiring the space because I didn’t have much of a wait to get into my appointment. I would highly recommend this practice. Stellar!

  • Loved going here! Everytime I went everyone was so kind and they welcome you with a smile & make you feel like home 💓 it was a great experience having braces and going to them for my appointments.

  • The team is exceptional! I thoroughly enjoyed each and every visit. My teeth look awesome. I would definitely refer a friend. Wish I could give more stars.

  • If you want a pleasant experience for both you AND your child, head on over to ERO!! The staff is just amazing. They explain the procedures and keep you informed on next steps and progress. My daughter had her braces removed last week and her teeth are just beautiful.

  • Dr. Hart and his team are wonderful. My child now has a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Hart. Our experience was wonderful. I highly recommend Eno River Orthodontics! Thank you for taking such great care of us.

  • All three of my kids have been coming here for braces. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Treatment plans are explained thoroughly with frequent updates. Dr. Hart wants it to be as perfect as it can be! Our schedule is a little wacky but they work with us with scheduling appointments. The reception area remodel looks great too! Glad we started coming here!

  • We had a great experience with Eno River Orthodontics. Dr Hart and his staff are just wonderful! We even drove from Pittsboro, NC to see them!

  • Hands down the best orthodontist! Dr. Hart is so wonderful and personable with my son who tends to be a bit nervous. His office staff are all so kind and friendly with our family. Plus they throw killer parties for their patients! And have iPads in the reception area for the little ones to play with!

  • Wonderful personal attention and family atmosphere. We love her beautiful smile even more!

  • Dr. Hart & his team are the best! Excellent personalities, they don’t overbook appointments, very prompt.

  • We love everyone at ERO! They have always been very nice and welcoming. I really cannot say enough nice things about the entire experience!

  • I Just got my braces off a couple days ago and I could not have imagined getting my braces done anywhere else! The people at ERO are some of the most awesome people I know and do a fantastic job. I love my teeth now and never once dreaded going to an appointment. I highly recommend for anyone looking to get braces must go to ERO.

  • Great staff & dentist!! They are great with kids! And have a lot of patience with my 9 year old who has 20 plus questions & will talk your head off.

  • These folks are fabulous. Friendly, family atmosphere which is what I was used to. My grands love it there and the staff go above and beyond to make sure everyone is comfortable every step of the way. I highly recommend them!

  • “Dr. Hart and his staff are awesome. They are very personable, professional, and have made every one of my visits very easy-going. I am about 30% done with Invisalign and I couldn’t be more excited about the results I’m already seeing. You can tell the entire crew truly cares about your smile and making sure you’re happy with the results. Thank you Eno River Orthodontics!”

  • My family and I have been so happy with Dr. Hart! Our 9 year old son William was scared about getting braces but he said Dr. Hart was “a cool dude” and “super nice”. He made the whole process fun, easy, and interesting for our son. Dr. Hart was careful to explain things really well and always had a word for sister, too. William was always very happy after meeting with Dr. Hart and honestly looked forward to their visits, which a lot of kids probably can’t say.

    The Caruso Family
  • Dr. Hart started working with my daughter when she was 13 and too embarrassed to even smile because of her teeth. He quickly came up with a plan to straighten her teeth. He involved me and my daughter in her treatment plan and explained every step along the way. He recommended different options but ultimately left it up to my family to decide which way we wanted to go. Dr. Hart was always courteous, punctual and competent. Almost one year later, the braces are off and my daughter’s teeth look incredible. She smiles again and I couldn’t be happier to see her more confident than she was when she first came in for treatment. I recommend Dr. Hart with the utmost praise to anyone in need of orthodontic care. My daughter and I couldn’t be more grateful at how he transformed her teeth and the care he took.


Life With Braces

Life with braces isn’t really all that different from life without braces. There will be some adjustments you need to make, but in the grand scheme of things, they aren’t very big. Read below to learn about some of the changes you need to make to ensure you have a pleasant experience while in treatment.

Eating With Braces

When your braces are first placed, you will want to restrict your diet to only soft foods. Due to the new forces placed on your teeth, they will be sensitive to biting pressure. Stick to foods that can be easily mashed with a fork. Think pancakes, bananas, ice cream, and applesauce. Avoid anything hard, crunchy, sticky, or tough.

Foods to Avoid

Dr. Hart and his team will let you know what foods need to be avoided. But just in case you need a list to reference, use the one below.
  • Sticky: Gum, caramel, tootsie rolls, peanut butter, toffee, taffy, granola bars, frozen candy bars
  • Hard: Apples, carrots and other raw vegetables, chewing ice, nuts
  • Crunchy: Popcorn, chips, hard tacos, celery
  • Tough: Bagels, corn on the cob, sandwiches, steak, ribs, beef jerky

General Soreness

Your mouth will feel sore right after your appliance is placed and after each adjustment. This will last between 1-3 days in most cases. You can use OTC pain relievers or a salt-water rinse to treat it. If the appliance is rubbing or poking, use dental wax on the offending area.

Loosening of Teeth

To get your teeth where they need to be, they need to move. And moving them means loosening them up. It will feel funny, but trust that everything is fine. Once your teeth are in their final position, they will firm up into place.

Loose Wire, Bracket or Band

Due to how much we move our jaws, it is inevitable that something will come loose. If a flexible wire pops out, try to push it back with the eraser end of a pencil. If there is a part that is rubbing and causing irritation, cover it with dental wax. In either case, contact us so we can give you a permanent solution.

Care of Appliances & Brushing

Brushing and flossing is important whether or not you are in treatment. But when you have braces, it becomes even more important as particles can attach to braces, causing stains and decay. We will teach you the right techniques before you go home, and there are also YouTube videos to help.

Types of Braces

Damon® Brackets

Roxboro Orthodontics, Roxboro Orthodontist, Durham Braces, Durham Invisalign, Durham OrthodonticsDamon® Braces are streamlined braces that use self-ligating technology, removing the need for elastic or steel ties. In addition to being streamlined, these braces produce less friction, are more comfortable, and offer shorter treatment times than traditional braces.

Ceramic Braces

ceramic-bracesCeramic braces are similar to traditional braces, but the brackets are made from tooth-colored ceramic. They are less visible than traditional braces, but also more fragile, which makes them a good option for older teens and adults. Roxboro Orthodontics, Roxboro Orthodontist, Durham Braces, Durham Invisalign, Durham Orthodontics


invisalign-960x641The Invisalign system uses clear aligners to place force on the teeth and move them into the desired position. These aligners are clear, comfortable, and removable, making them the favored form of treatment for many of our patients. Roxboro Orthodontics, Roxboro Orthodontist, Durham Braces, Durham Invisalign, Durham Orthodontics

Early Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can be received at any age. However, there is a window of time when it is best to begin. Starting your treatment during this time period will ensure the best results and the shortest period of treatment. Dr. Hart follows the AAO’s recommendation to first see children at seven years of age.

An early evaluation can allow us to detect any issues before they become problematic, increasing the effectiveness of treatment, and prevent more serious problems later in life.

What are some benefits of receiving interceptive treatment?

There are many benefits to interceptive treatment. Some of the most important are:

  • Making space for crowded teeth
  • Creating balance in the facial features
  • Lowering the possibility of tooth trauma
  • Preserving space for emerging teeth
  • Lowering the need for tooth removal
  • Reducing the amount of time spent in braces
Roxboro Orthodontics, Roxboro Orthodontist, Durham Braces, Durham Invisalign, Durham Orthodontics

Simple. Natural. Smiles.

Adult Treatment

You have put all of your children through braces, now it’s your turn to treat yourself. Tooth alignment can be changed at any age if your gums and bone structure are healthy.We offer traditional braces, invisible braces, and Invisalign for adults. A new smile will change your life. Orthodontic treatment can improve your personal appearance and give you the self-esteem you need to apply for that new job you’ve always wanted; or to finally get healthy. Crooked teeth and a bad bite can contribute to gum and bone loss, tooth decay, abnormal wear of the tooth enamel and surfaces, and in unusual cases may lead to headaches and/or jaw joint pain (TMD).

Good news! The new techniques and appliances we use reduce discomfort levels, decrease the frequency of visits and shorten treatment time. During the initial exam, Dr. Hart will tailor different options to your individual needs- we will outline all the details of your plan.

A large percentage of our patients at Eno River Orthodontics are adults, and they agree that it’s never too late to improve their greatest asset – their smile.

At Eno River Orthodontics, we offer a range of treatments to suit your or your child’s needs. One of the most popular is Invisalign technology.
Roxboro Orthodontics, Roxboro Orthodontist, Durham Braces, Durham Invisalign, Durham Orthodontics
Invisalign® straightens your teeth without wires and brackets, using a series of clear, customized, removable appliances called aligners. It’s virtually undetectable, which means hardly anyone will know that you’re straightening your teeth. Clearly Different The Invisalign System combines advanced 3-D computer graphics technology with 100-year-old science of orthodontics. Each aligner is precisely calibrated and manufactured to fit your mouth at each stage of the treatment plan. Dr. Hart can determine if Invisalign is right for you at your complimentary initial consultation. After sending precise treatment instructions, Invisalign uses advanced computer technology to translate these instructions in a sequence of finely calibrated aligners. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks and only taken out to eat, brush and floss. As you replace each aligner with the next, your teeth will begin to move gradually — week-by-week until the final alignment prescribed is attained. Then you’ll be smiling like you never have before! To ensure the best possible results, only an orthodontist who has been trained and certified by Align Technology can diagnose and treat using Invisalign. Invisalign is not appropriate for every adult. Only an orthodontist can determine if this treatment is an effective option for you. To see if Invisalign can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, contact us to make an appointment.
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